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Life is a constant change between being comfortable and being exposed. One minute we feel safe and at peace with our surroundings and then the next we're being thrown into an entirely new world of unrest. We are endlessly exposed to new things and new places that bring about new feelings. 

In our society being nude is one of the most literal forms of being exposed. Nudes get leaked, people are embarrassed by their bodies and others are angered by the sight of a nipple. This idea of total exposer is what led me to think about the contradiction of a world while clothed versus a world while naked. I asked people to model for me and bring a few of their favorite clothing items or the ones that make them feel most comfortable. As we shoot I have them expose themselves more and more, slowly taking away their comfort. 

Being put in situations that push us is how we grow as humans. We are only as strong as our toughest and most vulnerable moments. I show a push of comfort in a simple way allowing myself and the people I shot with to think about what is within their limits. 


Words by: Jess Caughron 

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