“I don’t know I just find hair really interesting, the texture and idea. As humans, we shave it off but I think about putting more on.” Harris Wigman, a photographer and women’s rights activist shoots vibrant large-format images capturing every detail of her outlandish hair obsession. She keeps her identity a mystery because she believes her photography should speak for itself.  “I know I’m an odd-ball and I know my ideas are out there but I think with Kodak I can actually get what’s in my head out.”

“My name is Joe, just Joe actually” 

Style is a word with many meanings, for Joe style means being insanely unique. “When I get to a photoshoot my process is really random, I just do whatever feels right which often means thinking about clothing in a completely different way than what the directors expect.” Whether he puts pants on as a shirt or socks on as gloves Joe is anything but conventional. The authenticity of Joe’s work is something he feels can only be captured on Kodak. 

Lucy Smith is self-admittedly a bit of a basket case. Her work in film is experimental and her gallery show-style premiers have been known to leave people feeling disturbed. “My work is deeply emotional and to understand it you would have to feel the things I feel about myself, you’re not meant to understand though.” Her short movies are often just figures pouring or smashing or sitting on various foods and drinks. She shoots exclusively with Kodak Movie films to keep the process as tactile as she can. “I need to be able to feel it” 

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