As the fashion industry changes, decades somehow always manage to make their way back into our wardrobes This year the ’90s came back with a vengeance and a lot of see-through clothing. What started as a few fishnet tights that all of the on-trend fashion followers were sporting turned into entire outfits brought together with a black mesh shirt draped over top. But what if there was nothing underneath? What if one daring “free the nipple” supportive consumer wore this trend on its own? Through these questions, the concept for “Not So Nude” was born. 

I took a more naturalistic and pretty approach to this otherwise edgy trend. Which in return led to my thoughts on the naturalism of the free the nipple movement. Somehow without it being my initial intention, this project took on a life of its own, one that aligns itself with the spirit of freedom and normalizing, rather than sexualizing, the human body. The soft tonality is intentional in creating a serene mood and the poses are interesting without being overly feminine or provocative. I wanted the model to have some shots to show a strong and confident woman while others showed a more vulnerable side to her. As this project evolved it became an interesting way for me as an artist to mesh fashion photography with a social movement.  

Words by Jess Caughron  

Models: Grace Cowen 

Jessica Caughron       Savannah, GA

© 2020 By Jessica Caughron