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a change of plans

I did a shoot for my previous idea but decided I didn’t like the direction it would have gone in, so I came up with a new one and wrote this:


A world that only exists through a lens or in my dreams: A girl lives among the trees and animals thriving on the blooming flowers and misty breezes that surround her. She’s escaped the big city leaving behind the chaos for eternal sleep and peace in the countryside. Sometimes the silence becomes too much and she must fill her world with color again by leaving earth for another universe. The colors let her remember the world she left by transporting her back to a place of inspiration and fulfillment.

She walks with the colors and allows them to recharge her, filling her world with wonder and taking her back to the place of creativity she once knew well. She takes a dip in the blue, floating in the memories and breathing in the wet air. The pink and the orange are fiery chaos that she can’t forget. Green, a complicated feeling, makes her wonder if all greens are created equal. Red is the loudest of her colors, fueling her with anxiety that forces her to create. Yellow; a refresh and a new light. Back to blue the most important and her favorite to be in.

After a night the colors drop her spirit back in the quiet, the only sounds are far away sheep and rustling trees. This life is beautiful but it isn’t real, she longs for the days of the never-ending movement that used to make her feel alive.

Alive; what a funny concept to consider. We exist as alive but what does that mean? What is real and what is fake? Every place I’ve lived is real but not all of them feel like real life. Currently, I don’t believe I am living real life.”

I want to create a world through photos and chronicle the dream world of the character I’ve written about as a reflection of my current state of mind.


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