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fort de baux

We had class on top of a mountain today. I was generally unprepared for this rather hard hike in my black jeans and air force ones but made it to the top eventually. The route took us through a series of ruins of an old fort and led to what looked like a castle, or giant rock playground. I think this may have been the highest off the ground I had ever been and I loved it. I seem to have a lack of depth perception so being up high is sometimes confusing for my brain. Instead of seeing the distance I saw a world of trees and hills that looked flat and like a backdrop was placed in front of my face. I sat on the edge and looked down at the sea of green below me, trying to decide how long it would take to hit the ground if I fell. Maybe that’s morbid but I enjoy the thought of flying.

There is something very special about getting to experience the literal top of a mountain. It felt like I could see everything and like there was no responsibility weighing me down. There was so more up, it felt like I had reached as high as I could go and was content where I sat. At that height, nothing below feels real or important anymore. All that mattered was me and the people around me.

After spending a while at the top we set out to find the mysterious “secret spiral staircase” and after following some ominous white arrows and going through a few caves we found a rather impressive set of stone stairs that led back to a path through the woods and back to the start.


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