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le'Andra r. leSeur

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Le’Andra LeSeur had an extremely warm and kind personality that I was not excepting based on the weight and pain that is portrayed in her work. I don’t know what but I was expecting a more subdued demeanor. I really liked a lot of what she had to say here are a few notes I took

• “always go see other work, even if you’re not creating”

• Performance art was a new way for her to connect to the viewer

• Art lets people critique your life and emotions

• It’s okay to be angry and to use art to find a way out

• Planning is just a starting point, things will change as a project develops

• “the work should become the language”, work should speak for itself

• art is life- so find inspiration from the life you are currently living

• think about what your work means to you

• always reflect

• “this weight is not for us to bear”

• Build a village- you can’t do everything on your own

These things she said have really stuck with me. When I started photography I was in it for the art. I always shot self-portraits and created still life’s. As time went on I found my way into the commercial world and I lost some of my passion for the art side of photography. I’ve always wanted to create fashion photography that was art but I wasn’t sure how. I think these things Le’Andra said will help me get back to a place of self-reflection in my art that is going to help me with my project this quarter.


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