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So here’s the thing, the south of France is beautiful and unlike anyplace I have ever seen before. The pale lush landscape mixed with the dramatically lit mountains make it seem unreal, however, I am bored. Bored by the people, bored by my photography, and bored by the endless small hillside cities.

They are all beautiful but at this point, it is hard to distinguish the differences in my memory. In this town a friend and I found a ledge to sit on and spent an hour talking about life and photography and what it means to be inspired in such a still place. In all honesty, these are the moments I am appreciating more than all of the traveling. DJ isn’t someone I would normally talk to but being here all of the social boundaries we set for ourselves are gone and I’m getting to know everyone. Everywhere we go I spend most of my time just talking to people.

I am not the most social person. I am not good at talking about myself and I am not very good at talking to other people I don’t know. But being here was like having a brand new family in the first two weeks. It’s like a small town (it is a small town) where everyone knows everything about everyone. Although I have been struggling with inspiration and boredom and anxiety while I’ve been here socially I have been thriving. So I guess thank you to the small towns like Ménerbes that help me get to know myself through others.


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