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the provençal colorado in rustrel

Traveling with the aesthetics class is always a big ordeal of sorts. There are many of us and three vans and a lot more coordinating. Right off the bat, I wasn’t in a very social mood. We arrived after a series of very windy roads and walked down a long path to the Mars-like landscape. The sky was the bluest blue I had ever seen it and the green of the trees were equally as overwhelming. On top of the already saturated landscape, the rocks were an unnatural looking red. The world looked like a movie set and my tired eyes weren’t sure how to process it.

As I walked around I continued to find weird little details among the landscape. There were random pipes and misplaced streams. I found myself somehow lost in thought and not very present even though the world demanded attention. I ignored the brightness because it hurt. I’ve been very tired here and the colors were a bit much for my brain.


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