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Easily one of the most beautiful places we have been in the Provence area. I have never seen water so clear and perfect before. I wanted to swim and float down the river into the caves and disappear for a while. The rocks and mountainsides dwarfed me and my friends as we walked and took pictures along the river. Everything was idealistic and perfect, including the tiny town that existed within the natural beauty.

One of the things I’ve noticed about this part of the world is the stark difference in texture. The greenery looks small and fluffy; every leave is like a tiny part of a larger wave of fluttering movement and everything is green. Green is very complicated for my brain to comprehend. Upon quick judgment, I don’t like green; its harsh and hard to photograph. But being here has taught me how to shoot green better.

Everything in this place was green even the water. The water was so clear that the plant life on the bottom altered the tone of the landscape from a distance. However, when I was close the water looked like liquid crystals and made me crave the feeling of it on my skin.

I don’t have much else to say about this place, it was gorgeous and I felt at peace there. I hope that it is where we will go canoeing so that I can exist in the crystals at some point.


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