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glanum and arle

We did a lot but somehow it didn’t feel like it, I think because I was actually having fun. We started at Glanum which was a bunch of old ruins. They were cool and it was really fun to be able to walk through them rather than just stare at them from a distance. The saying “just because it's old doesn’t mean it’s good” usually applies but this site was actually cool. After that, we went to the Asylum that Van Gogh was housed at. It was absolutely beautiful but the kitchen gave me a weird feeling. As soon as I walked in my heart rate sped up and I felt panicked. I’m not sure why this happened and I don’t really believe in ghosts but that is a feeling I won’t ever forget.

The gardens out back were my favorite me. Haleigh drew me while photographed her, a very artsy interaction. We are lunch and split up to go to Arle, for the nude photography festival. Which overall was disappointing. I love nude photography but I feel that it needs to be done with a purpose and done with taste, not with bad Photoshop and tacky edits. The best ones were very extreme and showed a lot of almost pornographic situations. My interpretation of the work was that it was about femminity across cultures and the sexualization of women’s bodies. These are topics I have explored in my own work previously and are very close to home. I also really enjoyed the experimental presentation of some of the work. I think for Open Studio I am going to play with the idea of having my images have a physical relationship with one another.

After we saw all of the nude exhibitions I did was I do best in a new place, get gelato and wander around. We found our way to “Inside the Belly of A Whale” as suggested by our professor. This was a performance piece that involved a man playing somewhat experimental music on a stage, a man biking for 100KM around the space, and two women in the center of a bunch of amps drawing with ink. Around the space, there were various large photographic/ collaged images, a long piece full of records and some sculptures. There was also a recreation of the artist’s studio in one corner. I spent a lot of time in here experience the space and trying to understand. But in reality, I found that it wasn’t necessarily about anything other than experimenting with sound and movement in an incredible space. This type of art, art for the sake of experimenting, is sometimes hard for me to understand but I think it can result in some of the most interesting products and experiences.

It was a long day, but a good one. Minus the migraine I got on the bus ride home I think this last real ELO Friday trip was a good way to start to end the quarter.


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