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We started our day at the Chateau La Coste which was a hike through fields and hills to find a bunch of contemporary art sculptures. I didn’t wake up in the best of moods and was still not fully awake for this part of the trip. It was a beautiful day and I was with all my friends but I couldn’t cheer up. After spending some time by the somewhat misplaced modern architecture and large infinity pool we were on our way to Aix.

After the Harry Callahan exhibition, I spent the day wandering the streets with a group of friends. We ended up sitting in a park and making flower crowns like we were in middle school again. I was in a funk most of the day but started to cheer up after laying in the sun. I didn’t feel like talking much so being in a large group was both helpful and overwhelming. Aix as a whole though was a beautiful little city. The sky was so blue all day that the world looked like a movie set. Most of the group I was with went to see a movie and skipped the bus ride back. I got to spend my time on the bus listening to music by myself; a much needed moment of peace. I want to write about my thoughts on loneliness and my social anxiety soon but I haven’t deciphered all of my thoughts yet.


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