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another change of plans...

I have problems with long term projects. I prefer to work in a fast paced environment and not harp on any one idea for too long. This being said I am very over my original project idea (actually my second) and I am moving on to a third. I couldn’t bring myself to continue shooting a series that I didn’t like anymore. The idea of picking up a camera and shooting again pained me; I needed to change. Originally I wanted to continue my study of nudes but didn’t like the direction that was going in and got distracted by the story I had written. Now I have begun shooting a new series of nudes one that deals with the ideas of comfort and being exposed through nudity.

I am deciding to start by photographing the broad idea of people in their favorite clothing items but only that. So if the item is a pair of shoes they wear that and nothing else. I am shooting it outside for the most part as I want to utilize the natural landscape. I am excited by this new direction and only have about a week to do it. Hopefully working in the quicker manor helps me actually like a project.


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