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avignon: abbey, castle, collection lambert

Another Friday morning another ELO of being bused around and herded like sheep through a French town. Maybe I’m being a little harsh but I am getting a little sick of being carted around. This day was pretty packed and I feel like I spent most of my time running from place to place just to wait for everyone else to get there. However, the places we did get to see were beautiful. The Abbey was gorgeous that the tour was informative and fun. I liked photographing there because of the clean yet old architecture it was fun and challenging for me.

Palais des Papes was also beautiful. The light that streamed through almost every window was stunning. I chose not to participate in the augmented reality tour because I wanted to focus on shooting. I felt slightly less rushed here but did feel like I needed more time.

The best part of the day and unfortunately the shortest was Collection Lambert. Seeing a Barbra Kruger in person is the first and most notable thing that comes to mind. All of the art, in general, was extremely fun and thoughtful. The collection was much bigger than I thought and found myself having to run through a little bit. The young photographer's section was also very impressive. I really liked the work of Hugo Fuchs. He had giant prints of magazine covers and advertisements destroyed in different ways.

There was a very large space dedicated to Francesco Vezzoli, whose work I think I’ve seen before. He is another artist I really liked and was inspired by. I have been very into contradictions lately and find is almost Dada-like altered art pieces to go along with my thoughts lately.

I don’t really have a conclusion other than I wish I had more time to explore the city and enjoy the art.

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