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nimes and carre d'art

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

We went to Nimes, France yesterday. Another bright and early wakeup call took me to a cute little historic city that I wish I got to see more of. After all of the rainy days, we’ve been having the first thing I noticed was the crazy blue sky and the way the sun backlit the intensely green trees. We went to an arena that other than the view was slightly underwhelming.

After a museum of artifacts, I ate lunch on the roof and contemplated the textures of France. The architecture here is a weird mix of rough and smooth and continuously changes based on the weather. When it rains the world here seems soft and almost magical, but in the sun life looks more intense. I spent most of my day in a contemporary art museum contemplating and reflecting on the process.

Collection of Archipelagos

Based on reading: from the reading I gathered that an archipelago is a collection of islands near each other in a body of water which leads to me making the assumption that this exhibition is a collection of works that although do not usually relate become related due to their close proximity to one another. There may not have a common theme but they are existing together in the space.

Thoughts after viewing the exhibition: This exhibition was less random then I thought. All the works seemed to be process-based projects on different stresses in the chaotic world of technology we live in. My favorite was the project about 9/11. I liked how the artist used her work to think about and analyze her anxiety about the color of the sky during the terrorist attack. All in all, this was a very cool collection of works that I enjoyed viewing together. It made me think about the way I view exhibition spaces and the way I would present my work together.

It also reminded me of the type of work I studied in Survey of New Media Art last semester. We learned that one possible definition of new media art is to work with a focus on the process. Most of the projects in one way or another let the process of making the work guide it to its completion.

Dools: Ellen Narbutaite

Based on the reading: the first thing that struck me was her talk of fragility becoming a strength. I would imagine then that this exhibition will make me feel as though I have to tip-toe around and stay quiet, a weird sensation people seem to feel in gallery spaces. In the interview, she talks about color in the way that I see it. I have synesthesia and I believe she does too based on her comparison on color and sound. Although I am not sure exactly what the objects will be, or if there are any objects, I am very excited to see this exhibition.

Thoughts after viewing the exhibition: In all honesty, I didn’t really understand the work or like it. Maybe I just didn’t understand but the absence of actual content left me confused and wanting more.

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