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frustration and critique

Before Critique:

I don’t like my project again. I am already bored by what I’m creating and I haven’t even created it all yet. I am frustrated with the lack of resources here and feel uninspired by the landscape.

I feel extremely inspired by all of the incredible art I saw in Paris. A million ideas have been sparked that I can’t do while I’m in this tiny town. I am starting to feel like this quarter may be a waste of time and I have no more time to waste.

I want to push myself but don’t know how. I am having a mental block again. I want to get out but have nowhere to go. I’ll write them down and bookmark them for later I guess.

After Critique

Critique confirmed that I need to get weirder. My fear that they were too pretty was confirmed, and editing isn’t going to fix that. I need to focus on posing. I want to focus more on the idea that everything is perfect except for her or the way she is existing in the space. I am going to study Anna Gaskell’s work and Cindy Sherman and maybe some Tim Walker for inspiration. As for incorporating the text, I want to look to Coco Capitan’s work more. I need to create more emotion in every frame.


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