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paris: day 2

Whenever I get to a new city all I want to do is wander. I feel that the best way to get to know a place is to experience at your own pace and explore. Going to museums and monuments is great but seeing the streets and the people who live there is what makes me fall in love with new places.

I was really sick that day. I had a fever and was on some French meds that make me a little loopy, so this day was a bit of a blur. I am going to try and recount the events for my own sake through images and blurbs of info I remember because this really was the day I began to like Paris.

The street art in Paris is crazy, I have never been to a place that celebrates and has so much graffiti/ graffiti style artwork on its walls. I think it made the city look alive and colorful everywhere I went there was art.

I was told by a friend once that the vintage shopping in Paris is incredible, and it was. I went to a million different stores all full of wacky clothes. If I wasn’t broke, I would have come back with a new wardrobe.

The streets as a whole remind we of a little bit of D.C. a little bit of old southern towns and a little bit of a hipster town (maybe that part was because we ended up in the gay district). I found any street not riddled with tourist infinitely more enjoyable and wish I could if spent more time exploring them.


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