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paris: day 4

The MEP was by far one of the best photography museums I have ever been to. Maybe it was the work that was there or maybe it was the way it was curated but either way I had an incredible experience. I went because I wanted to see Ren Hang’s work, but left with a love for a new photographer I didn’t know before, Coco Capitan.

Her work immediately caught my attention I think because if it commercial like aesthetic. But it wasn’t just a commercial or fashion there was something more too them. Upon reading her artists statements, the curatorial texts and the writing around the exhibition space I realized that she and I have very similar views on commercial photography and we write very similarly. She talked a lot about the moral struggle that comes with her commercial work. To me, it sounded like she did it for money and liked doing it but left her feeling like she is contributing to the bad parts of society. As someone who wants to go into fashion photography, I relate to this feeling. I love everything that goes into the fashion industry and fashion photography but I do often struggle with the idea that I am doing nothing to stop the bad that is happening.

Ren Hang’s work was also incredible I learned about him last quarter while Studying in Hong Kong and fell in love with his work. He somehow made the sexual u- sexy and forced a viewer to explore themselves through his images. While looking at them I got the sense that he was trying to find who he was by having other people play out these scenes.

The D’Orsay was in a beautiful old train station and the work there was gorgeous. It was much more spacious and inviting than the Louvre. I got to see some of my favorite Van Gogh’s and Monet’s in person. I also accidentally stumbled across space on older furniture and design that I really enjoyed.

After a very full day of walking, I ended my day by taking a scooter to Palais De Tokyo from the D’Orsay. This museum was very cool. Although I often struggle with understanding contemporary art I found almost all of the exhibitions do be extremely interesting and well put together. There was a lot to look at but the Theaster Gates work was probably my favorite. His work was well executed aesthetically and forced me to think about every part of every piece.

Minus the Eiffel tower, this day was the best and most fulfilling. I saw incredible art, got to ride a scooter through Paris, and was actually not completely sick feeling all day.


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