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paris: day 5

After very few hours of sleep we had to leave at 7:00 am to leave Paris, and go to Monet’s gardens. The gardens were beautiful and luckily we arrived slightly before the mass amounts of older tourists and young kids on field trips. The water was my favorite part it made the world look like a painting. This was very fun for me to photograph, usually I much prefer to shoot cities and architecture but lately I have been enjoying the slower process of shooting in nature.

In short Versailles was a very disappointing experience. It was a huge bucket list thing to see and I was very excited. However, after an hour of sitting in the sun and waiting we got told we couldn’t go in, and then we could, and then we couldn’t and then we could again. By the time we made it in we had about 45 minuets until we had to meet for the buses again. Me and my friends ran to the hall of mirrors which was just as beautiful as I imagined. Seeing that room was a huge highlight among all the negativity. I would have loves to have seen the gardens as well but hopefully I will be back one day.

This trip was a roller-coaster. There were ups and downs but all and all it was an incredible experience. I was sick and tired and stressed but I was also exploring a city I have wanted to see since I was a kid and it was defiantly worth it. Much like Hong Kong I feel that I have to come back again someday.


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